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Top 5 Cupcake Recipes from Cupcake Wars

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First of all, are you a fan of baking shows? Yes? Me too.

There is something relaxing about having a companion in the kitchen. Even if it is a far away celebrity being obnoxious with her pre-portioned measurements and ingredients. Doesn’t she realized that we don’t have that luxury? Anyways, there is a great show out there where the cooks aren’t celebrities and you can actually experience them make mistakes–no offense to them of course, they’re only human.

These are the top choices I’ve picked from the Cupcake Wars cupcake recipes. And although I hate to bash cupcake pros, all of these cupcakes would look a lot more inviting if they had cupcake wrappers (I’ll recommend a few). Anyways, try them out and tell us what you think!

1. Southern Red Velvet Cupcakes

Really, seems obvious doesn’t it?

2. Strawberry Thumbprint Cupcakes

Colorful and bold accent,  to add extra flair.

3. Banana Toffee Cupcakes

Simple and gives the attention to the toppings. So much better than that crinkly foil wrapper right?

4. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Brown Butter Buttercream

No need to draw attention away from the cute cupcake toppings.

5. Sweet Potato Cupcake with Marshmallow Frosting

There really is no need for the eyesore of a foil wrapper when you’ve got glitter reusable cupcake wrappers!

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