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Baby Shower Dessert Ideas: Gender Reveal Cupcakes

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Researching ideas for baby showers the other day got me really interested in a new trend I’ve seen popping up online. “Gender reveal” cupcakes are trendy cupcakes that are plain colored flavors on the outside with colored filling on the inside. The idea is that you serve them with question marks on top and guests have to big down into them to figure out what gender baby you’re having! This is a great light-hearted way to spread your baby news with your friends and family. Here are some DIY gender reveal photos and what cupcake liners you could decorate them with that would throw guests off!

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Gender Reveal Cupcake Toppings

These cupcakes were from They represent a girl filled cupcake! I would recommend putting these with a neutral colored cupcake wrapper. Or if you wanted to toy with your guests you can fill some with green and yellow icing as well. That way multiple cupcakes have to be eaten before the discovery of what baby gender you’re having! You can decorate with green cupcake wrappers or yellow cupcake wrappers, as both work for boy or girl!

Yellow Gingham Cupcake Wrappers

Lime Green Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers