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Spring Cupcake Recipe: Lemon Cupcakes!

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Spring celebrations call for plenty of light and fluffy cupcakes. Instead of pumpkin and red velvet, popular cupcake flavors turn to spring time favorites such as lemon, peach and coconut. Carrot cake cupcakes are the most popular for Easter Bunny Cupcakes because you can decorate with bunnies and miniature carrots. Swap out the sugar heavy chocolate candies for a healthier carrot cake substitute for an easy holiday favorite. Lemon poppy-seed and fresh fruit cupcakes are also healthier options, especially with fresh fruit from your local market.

Cupcake Wrappers

{Photo Source: Martha Stewart, Mini Filigree Cupcake Wrappers from Dress My Cupcake,, Yellow Cupcake Liners, Annie’s Eats}

To dress up holiday cupcakes, stick with pastel cupcake wrappers. Using orange frosting and a piping bag, create a small carrot for a topping. Lemon cupcakes can have a cute small miniature lemon piped on with yellow frosting. Each seasonal cupcake can have a cheeky cupcake topper to announce which flavor. Then complete the look with cupcake wrappers and voila, you have the perfect holiday cupcake display. Lemon cupcakes would be a perfect match for yellow polka dot cupcake wrappers for a bright colorful dessert table.