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Dapper & Darling: Mad Men Inspired Cupcakes

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Looking for a great television to obsess over? Our latest favorite is Mad Men. Every week we snuggle into the couch and watch the television series with excitement and anticipation. The series airs on Sundays and is the perfect way to start off the week with a bang. The authenticity and visual appeal is a great homage to the 1960s. Between the characters, the fashions and the scandal, we absolutely love watching this show. Each episode of Mad Men requires its own special treat to indulge with. Next week, we’re planning to create a few Mad Men cupcakes with a throwback to the 1960s retro style. With a little tweed, hounds tooth and graphic frosting designs, these retro cupcakes are perfect.

{Photo Source: Craftzine, Fifties Wedding, Moroccan Cupcake Wrappers, Polka Dot Cupcakes}

Pair brown cupcake wrappers with bright frosting designs for a great retro cupcake. Brown and grays are popular in the suits, furnishings and designs of the 1960s but the bright pops of color suggests an edgy twist. Show your dramatic edge with these retro designs. A polka dot cupcake wrapper, Moroccan Cupcake wrapper or vintage cupcake wrappers would pair perfectly with a bright retro frosting design. The beautiful outfits and set designs can help inspire beautiful cupcake toppers.

Any of our beautiful vintage cupcake wrappers in brown would match perfectly with your Mad Men themed party. If you don’t want to go overboard with the retro frosting designs, simply use a red cherry with chocolate syrup to do the trick. We want to see all of your creative cupcake ideas for a Mad Men party, to inspire us for our own fabulous cupcakes!