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Finals Week: How to Create Nerd & Geek Cupcakes

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Finals are almost here and finding the motivation to finish off the semester, whew it’s going to be tough. Who has the drive and willpower to stay awake to crank out that thirty page paper on biology? When it seems like you’ve lost your strength to continue, why not put together a fun motivating study group! Through together some chemically structure cupcakes—c’mon, they’re really just cupcakes—and invite your study partners over for an end of semester cram session. These geeky cupcakes will help you power through the late night finals and motivate you to ace that last exam.

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If you’re looking for cupcake flavors, why not embrace your inner nerd with some Nerd flavored cupcakes? These colorful cupcakes will help you cheer up and get you back on track for finals. You’ve made it this far, only a few more months to go! Show off your baking skills in the kitchen with these nerd inspired cupcake wrappers. The ultimate geek cupcake wrappers will create a fun playful cupcake display for your guests. You can even use frosting to help study chemical compounds and equations: pen different components on to cupcakes and use different combinations to create great conversation starters! Talk about cute cupcakes; all your friends will chuckle about what potentially dangerous chemical compounds you make with different cupcake pairings. Plus, during your final exams you’ll have a great way to jog your memory. Who needs acronyms when you have cupcake study tips!