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Old Fashioned Favorites

These days you can find cupcakes in a variety of hip and trendy flavors such as green tea cupcakes, champagne cupcakes, and caramel mocha cupcakes.  However, sometimes you get hit pretty hard by the wind of nostalgia and long for cupcakes featuring some of your favorite childhood treats. Take a look below at some of our most cherished flavors!

1.  Lemon Meringue – tart and bursting with flavor, lemon meringue is a treasured classic.  Turn it into a cupcake with a few of the right ingredients –  lemon zest and lemon curd (made of egg yolks, lemon zest, lemon juice, a heaping portion of sugar, and butter).  Combine the lemon zest, lemon juice, and vanilla flavoring into your batter and set your cupcakes to bake.  Once done and cooled, spread a generous dose of lemon curd onto the cupcake and top it off with fresh frosting.  Dress them in your favorite yellow cupcake wrappers!


2.  Peanut butter sandwiches – with jelly, banana, and everything in between – it doesn’t get much more nostalgic than that.  However, combine peanut butter with cupcakes (another childhood favorite of course!) and there you have a heavenly pair.  The trick to getting peanut butter cupcakes right is to make sure they are not dense, dry, or lacking in peanut butter flavor.  Add together equal amounts of creamy peanut butter and brown sugar for a deliciously moist cupcake. Then top with dark chocolate frosting and dressed in exotic Moroccan cupcake wrappers!

3.  Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes – Soft vanilla bean cupcakes frosted with sweet strawberry buttercream and topped with fresh strawberries is perfect to honor an old-fashioned classic.  Perfect for Mother’s Day!  We love cherry blossom cupcake wrappers or fuchsia filigree cupcake wrappers as the perfect compliment to these strawberry treats.

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Planning Your Dessert Table – Part II

Happy Friday everyone! We’re back with our picks for dessert table “basics” – those decor pieces that will carry you through any dessert table scenario.  Our last post covered a few dessert table building blocks such as apothecary jars and vases, cutlery, and cupcake stands and towers.  Today, we explore a few more options to help you create your dream dessert table – let’s get started!

1.  Cupcake Boxes and Bags – With an endless spread of cupcakes and other treats, it’s highly likely guests will be clamoring to take some of the goodies home.  However, brown paper bags or even plastic bags will just not do the trick.  Elegantly displayed cupcakes deserve to be sent home in style!  Consider using cupcake domes, cupcake bags, or cupcake boxes.  Guests will be delighted to be taking home a piece of the dessert table.

2. Crystal Decor –  While you may feel that delicious desserts are enough for your display, if you plan on using your homemade desserts, you just may not be able to create a full dessert bar (but more power to you if you can!).  That’s when a little extra table decor help comes in handy.  Crystal decor such as magnetic hanging crystals, diamond rhinestone ribbon wrap, and diamond confetti decor, fill space on your dessert table while also providing a decorative touch.

3.  Washi Tape – a current DIY favorite, washi tape is versatile and oh-so-cute!  It’s perfect for dessert tables as it can be used in practically any capacity. Mix and match colors and patterns for a whimsical look.  Apply it to wooden cutlery, favor boxes, cupcake domes, apothecary jars, and more – the possibilities are truly endless!

We hope we’ve inspired you a bit in getting started and creative with your dessert table. Remember that when you have the basics, you can build and create from there. Only your imagination is the limit!



Planning Your Dessert Table

When planning your dessert table, there are a multitude of options to choose amongst.  From theme, size, location, color scheme, and of course which desserts to feature, the possibilities for a captivating dessert table are truly endless.  Though it is all about creativity, you need to start with a few dessert table “basics” – those pieces that will carry you through any dessert table scenario.  Whether a whimsical Alice in Wonderland theme or a dessert table paying homage to your favorite sports team, take a look at a few basic favorites below.

1.  Apothecary Jars and Vases – if macaroons, cookies, or even candy (gum balls, anyone?) feature on your dessert table, then you’ll need to showcase these treats in an appetizing yet fanciful manner.  An assortment of shapes and sizes of apothecary jars keeps your cookies and macaroons looking organized and presentable.  Instead of laying them out on a tray on the table, these jars are efficient (easy for your party guests to grab a quick cookie) and also save valuable space on your dessert table (which can be used for a masterful cake or scrumptious pie). Best of all, apothecary jars and vases are so versatile and thus easy to find a use in your home after all the guests have gone!

2.  Cutlery –  save the fine silverware for the dinner table.  When it’s time for dessert, it’s time to indulge the kid in you.  Bring out the mustache spoonsmustache forks, and polka dot knives.   For weddings, we love cutlery with words.  Whatever you choose, just remember that even small details like cutlery can have a big impact.

3.  Cupcake Stands – if you’re planning to feature cupcakes on your dessert table, then it’s likely that they’ll take up significant space on the table.  When space is limited and the cupcakes are unlimited, it’s best to go with a tiered cupcake stand. Or try a whimsical approach with a flower stand or spiral stand.  For smaller dessert tables, mini wooden cupcake stands beautifully showcase a single cupcake – a piece of art to be admired.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more of our favorite dessert table basics.  Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

Shimmery Cupcakes

Happy Friday everyone! We’re closing out the week with lots of glitz and glam with one of our favorites – glitter cupcake wrappers!

Here are a few reasons why we just can’t get enough when it comes to glitter wrappers:

1.  Looking to take your event or dessert table to the next level?  When it comes to “wow” events, adding these glam cupcake wrappers will do just the trick! They’re bold, eye-catching, and sure to leave a memorable impact on your guests.  Nothing says glam event like sparkle in bold colors.

2.  They also work just as well at more low-key celebrations.  Whether a children’s birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, or practically any gathering, platinum glitter cupcake wrappers fit perfectly into any theme.  If you prefer your glam in smaller doses or want to shine a light on the dessert table, your cupcakes are sure to stand out with these wrappers.

3.  Platinum glitter cupcake wrappers are REUSABLE.  Yup, you heard right. One of the reasons this wrapper is among our favorites is its reusability factor.  And because glitter wrappers are easy to dress up or down, you can use them over and over again for any type of event!  The special coating around these cupcake wrappers allow for multiple use.  We can’t wait to use them for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day….the possibilities are endless!

4.  Glitter cupcake wrappers are perfect to mix and match with colors – aqua with magenta, gold with silver, or baby pink with sky blue – go wild with your imagination!

5.  Let’s face it – your cupcakes deserve to be the center of attention. It’s likely you’ve spent time and effort baking your cupcakes (or you spent time and effort into driving to your local bakery to buy your cupcakes, which is perfectly fine too!).  The results of your hard work deserve to be noticed and dressed up in their finest!

Check out some of our other favorite cupcake wrappers on our Pinterest board!

Stylishly Chic Wrappers: Chevron Print

Looking to create a simple yet stylishly modern birthday celebration?  Then look no further than the chevron print. One of today’s  most popular patterns, you’ll find it everywhere from fashion to furniture to cupcakes!  This zigzag print is found in many forms of ancient art including in pottery and stone carvings.  More recently, if you’ve noticed a cool retro vibe to this print, it’s because chevron was especially popular in the 1970s.  These days chevron has made a HUGE comeback and can be seen everywhere – from adorning the latest fashions off the Paris runways to decorating trendy home furnishings.

We love chevron for its inherently simple yet eye-catching look. Despite its ancient origins, using chevron as a template for your party decor imparts a fresh and forward vibe!  Finally (just in case you need another reason to fall in love with chevron), you can decorate with this print year-round!  Whether your celebration falls in the midst of holiday cheer or during the long summer days, chevron never looks out of place.
Mix and match colors your favorite chevron colors! If you’re looking to create a chic party look, choose no more than two colors – perhaps one vibrantly rich hue like plum purple paired with a slightly muted color such as grey or yellow. Or if sparkling festivity is more your style, incorporate a rainbow of colors into your decor.  Despite the use of several colors, your decor will maintain a cohesive look because chevron print is inherently simple in form.  Go full out with chevron print on favor bags, personalized labels, stamped cutlery, washi tape, and of course cupcake wrappers!

Top 10 Edible Favors for Summer Weddings

Summer is almost here and that means plenty of picnics, bonfires and outdoor weddings. Summer is the best time of year to put together a wedding, in our opinion. Summer weddings call for bright colors, live music and plenty of fun summer decorations. For summer wedding favors we love planning festive root beer floats, edible treats and delicious desserts. The hot summer days and cool summer nights are perfect for roasting marshmallows and sipping on cool refreshing drinks.

{Wedding Favor Supplies: Mini Cupcake Wrappers, Cupcake Liners, Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Cupcake Wrappers}

For edible favors, the list is limitless! Summer weddings offer a wide variety of ideas for edible favors. Here are our top 10 edible favors for summer weddings:

  1. Fresh Fruit Baskets: Miniature bags of cherries or oranges are a great way to pass along a healthy snack. Pick a locally grown fruit for a cute destination wedding favor.
  2. Nautical Cookies: If you’re having a summer lakeside wedding, ask your baker to make sugar cookies in the shape of sailboats or shells. The themed wedding favors will tie together your reception and your location.
  3. Personalized Soda: Want to sport your own special drink? Create your own personalized label for a soda bottle or can of pop. Guests can read trivia about the bride and groom while they guzzle back a refreshing beverage.
  4. Cupcakes: Cutting a cake in the hot sunlight might not seem like your ideal dessert. Why not give each guest their own cupcake with a cupcake box instead? They can take home a sweet edible favor and skip the cake. Pair your cupcakes with bright colored cupcake wrappers for a special dessert display.
  5. Homemade Desserts: Some cultures honor the tradition of making their own wedding desserts. For the bride, having her aunts and grandmothers make the desserts brings good luck. Homemade cookies, pies and cakes are a great dessert idea. If you create personalized favor boxes for guests to sample their favorite treats, create recipe cards for guests to incorporate the desserts into their own homes.
  6. Jars of Honey: Don’t forget honey, syrup and jam for cute edible favors. You can create your own personalized “Bee Mine” labels for a romantic take home treat.
  7. Candy Buffet: Don’t forget the classic bag of candy! When in doubt a candy buffet is always a good way to serve a lot of people sweets. Be sure to give out favor bags or take out boxes for guests to serve up their favorite candies.
  8. Dessert Centerpieces: If you want to create a centerpiece that guests will really notice, why not use a cake stand to create a dessert centerpiece? Serve macaroons, cupcakes and other small edible favors to guests at each table. Put a favor box on each place setting for guests to help themselves to snacks.
  9. Decorate Your Own Cupcake Bar: Looking for a way to keep kids busy at your reception? Incorporate a “create your own cupcake” bar into your reception for a fun dessert idea. Guests can decorate their cupcake with a colorful cupcake wrapper, cupcake toppings and frosting to their own specifications. Give them a custom cupcake wrapper for them to write their own special message on!
  10. Wedding S’Mores: Who doesn’t like a perfectly roasted marshmallow squished between chocolate and graham cracker? Summer calls for root beer floats and s’mores! Let guests roast their own sweet treat over a special romantic bonfire at your wedding reception.

Planning a summer wedding is exciting and fun. You can create your own personal style with any of these special edible favor ideas. Use custom cupcake wrappers to create your own dessert favors, or stick with a classic dessert bar for guests to pick out their own!

Wedding Cupcakes: Save the Date Cupcake Ideas

Looking for ideas to spread the exciting news? Send out sweet save the dates with a personal cupcake treat. You can create personalized cupcake boxes or cupcake domes by using custom cupcake wrappers that announce your engagement. This is fun way to spread the joy to your close friends and family in a unique way. Instead of making the phone can deliver your news in person with a sweet gift. Some brides are inviting their best friends to be bridesmaids by ‘popping’ the question with a ring pop. You can create the same cheeky invitation with a save the date cupcake.

{Photo Source: Sprinkles Cupcakes, Good Things, Cupcake Domes, Orange Cupcake Wrappers, Cupcake Boxes from Dress My Cupcake}

These save the dates feature cupcake boxes with special personalized labels. Have you ever seen anything so cute? These are so cute and delicious we’d love to receive one of these for a wedding! We’d be happy to save a date for wedding if it means having a sweet dessert bar. Cupcake domes are just as cute as the cupcake boxes and you can tie a pretty ribbon around the outside. Be creative with the cupcake flavors; maybe serve “red hot love” or “retro romance” to set the tone for your wedding theme. We’ve love to see a cupcake dome with a save the date custom cupcake wrapper for your wedding, what do you think?

Pretty & Pastel: Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

Give us a box of tissues, a program and a fork and we’re all set for a wedding. The ceremony makes us cry, the program helps us stay on task and the fork, well the fork is for the amazing wedding desserts that a wedding reception has to offer. It’s arguably the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free. After all, it has to be bad luck to say no to a piece of wedding cake! If not, we’ll certainly say it is and dig right in. Which leads us to our favorite wedding desserts around; a list that grows longer with each wedding we attend.

{Photo Source: Ivory Mini Cupcake Wrappers from Dress My Cupcake, Project Wedding, Snippet and Ink, Call Me Cupcake, Cupcake Wrappers, Jessica Claire}

Wedding cake is a time honored tradition. The tiers and decorations take hours of preparation and come together to create a true work of edible art. It’s almost a shame to cut it up and eat it—almost. In lieu of wedding cake, some brides are opting out of the multi-tiered dessert for cupcakes, dessert bars, cupcake buffets and other alternatives. The smaller desserts offer the option to serve more flavors and variety. Wedding cupcakes can be dressed up with cupcake wrappers, frosting decorations and cupcake toppers for a beautiful look that rivals the wedding cake dessert for best in class.

Create a combination of wedding cake and cupcakes by building a cake stand that has both cake and cupcake tiers. A dessert table can accomplish the same variety of looks. So far on our list of favorite wedding desserts: mixing different cupcakes, macaroons, candy and pies to create a dessert table to please everyone’s sweet tooth. Some cultures even have the mothers and aunts in the family prepare the desserts as a good omen for a healthy kitchen and plentiful home. The tradition dates back to Europe as a symbol of the woman’s role in the kitchen and the beautiful desserts to be made. A wise mother once told me, “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and what better place to spoil your man rotten than with a plethora of desserts at your wedding! Wedding desserts are the cherry on top of a beautiful wedding day so don’t be afraid to go over the top with lots of sweet concoctions!

DIY Ideas: A Wedding Cupcake Topping Bar

Dessert bars have been popular at weddings for a while now but there is a new trend among cupcake fans: cupcake topping bars! These fancy little cupcake stands are perfect for a DIY cupcake buffet. These little undecorated cupcakes look sad without icing or toppings! Invite guests to frost their own cupcakes and take them home in a favor box. Here are a few easy tips for creating a cupcake topping bar:

DIY Cupcake Topping Bar

  1. Pretty Dishes: Buy white dishes in bulk so each topping has its own dish
  2. Set an Example: Prepare some simple examples to inspire guests
  3. Easy Cleaning: Prep icing in simple frosting bags so guests don’t have to clean up a mess
  4. Spooning: Be sure to have different spoons for each bowl
  5. Think Healthy: Have a healthy mixture of fruit and sugary snacks
  6. Sweets: Cut up candy bars such as Reese’s PB Cups and Snickers pieces
  7. Chewy Snacks: Gummy worms are great for decorating Oreo and chocolate chip cupcakes
  8. Be Careful: If you want to have nut toppings such as candy almonds, be sure to warn guests who may have nut allergies
  9. Wrap It Up: No one likes a naked cupcake, put it in a cupcake wrapper for flair
  10. A Little Drizzle: Don’t forget syrup and caramel drizzle on top

DIY cupcake topping bar ideas

If these photos from Green Wedding Shoes, featuring Enjoy Cupcakes, don’t get you in the mood for a cupcake topping party then I don’t know what will! They put a swirl of frosting on top of each cupcake so guests could ‘fill’ them up with different toppings. These cupcakes look so delicious I can’t wait to have an occasion to serve them. They look picture perfect for a wedding dessert bar or cupcake display. Don’t forget to find a pretty cupcake stand to put all your cupcakes on. Decorate the top tier with pre-decorated cupcakes for guests to get creative, then put plain cupcakes on the bottom shelves. Don’t forget to offer cupcake domes and treat boxes for guests to take home their sweet treat as a wedding favor!


Custom Cupcakes For A Wedding Celebration!

Last week we celebrated a wedding for one of our own employees. We put together really cute cupcake wrappers for an office surprise. Her wedding colors are blue and green so we wrapped up some Blue Cupcake Wrappers with custom green stickers. These little Love Custom Cupcake Labels feature their names and wedding date. She used them for her rehearsal dinner as a special surprise for her fiance. These little Green Cupcake Labels are perfect for a sweet couple celebrating a wedding, anniversary or rehearsal dinner!

Love Cupcake Labels

Claire & Jim cupcake stickers

Cupcake Wrapper Labels