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Planning Your Dessert Table – Part II

Happy Friday everyone! We’re back with our picks for dessert table “basics” – those decor pieces that will carry you through any dessert table scenario.  Our last post covered a few dessert table building blocks such as apothecary jars and vases, cutlery, and cupcake stands and towers.  Today, we explore a few more options to help you create your dream dessert table – let’s get started!

1.  Cupcake Boxes and Bags – With an endless spread of cupcakes and other treats, it’s highly likely guests will be clamoring to take some of the goodies home.  However, brown paper bags or even plastic bags will just not do the trick.  Elegantly displayed cupcakes deserve to be sent home in style!  Consider using cupcake domes, cupcake bags, or cupcake boxes.  Guests will be delighted to be taking home a piece of the dessert table.

2. Crystal Decor –  While you may feel that delicious desserts are enough for your display, if you plan on using your homemade desserts, you just may not be able to create a full dessert bar (but more power to you if you can!).  That’s when a little extra table decor help comes in handy.  Crystal decor such as magnetic hanging crystals, diamond rhinestone ribbon wrap, and diamond confetti decor, fill space on your dessert table while also providing a decorative touch.

3.  Washi Tape – a current DIY favorite, washi tape is versatile and oh-so-cute!  It’s perfect for dessert tables as it can be used in practically any capacity. Mix and match colors and patterns for a whimsical look.  Apply it to wooden cutlery, favor boxes, cupcake domes, apothecary jars, and more – the possibilities are truly endless!

We hope we’ve inspired you a bit in getting started and creative with your dessert table. Remember that when you have the basics, you can build and create from there. Only your imagination is the limit!



DIY Ideas: A Wedding Cupcake Topping Bar

Dessert bars have been popular at weddings for a while now but there is a new trend among cupcake fans: cupcake topping bars! These fancy little cupcake stands are perfect for a DIY cupcake buffet. These little undecorated cupcakes look sad without icing or toppings! Invite guests to frost their own cupcakes and take them home in a favor box. Here are a few easy tips for creating a cupcake topping bar:

DIY Cupcake Topping Bar

  1. Pretty Dishes: Buy white dishes in bulk so each topping has its own dish
  2. Set an Example: Prepare some simple examples to inspire guests
  3. Easy Cleaning: Prep icing in simple frosting bags so guests don’t have to clean up a mess
  4. Spooning: Be sure to have different spoons for each bowl
  5. Think Healthy: Have a healthy mixture of fruit and sugary snacks
  6. Sweets: Cut up candy bars such as Reese’s PB Cups and Snickers pieces
  7. Chewy Snacks: Gummy worms are great for decorating Oreo and chocolate chip cupcakes
  8. Be Careful: If you want to have nut toppings such as candy almonds, be sure to warn guests who may have nut allergies
  9. Wrap It Up: No one likes a naked cupcake, put it in a cupcake wrapper for flair
  10. A Little Drizzle: Don’t forget syrup and caramel drizzle on top

DIY cupcake topping bar ideas

If these photos from Green Wedding Shoes, featuring Enjoy Cupcakes, don’t get you in the mood for a cupcake topping party then I don’t know what will! They put a swirl of frosting on top of each cupcake so guests could ‘fill’ them up with different toppings. These cupcakes look so delicious I can’t wait to have an occasion to serve them. They look picture perfect for a wedding dessert bar or cupcake display. Don’t forget to find a pretty cupcake stand to put all your cupcakes on. Decorate the top tier with pre-decorated cupcakes for guests to get creative, then put plain cupcakes on the bottom shelves. Don’t forget to offer cupcake domes and treat boxes for guests to take home their sweet treat as a wedding favor!


Holiday Cupcakes Santa Claus Would Gobble Up!

If you look up green and red cupcakes on your trendy addictive Pinterest account, you’re going to find a great variety of holiday cupcake ideas. Combine the delicious cupcake recipes with any of our new festive Christmas cupcake wrappers and you have a winning combination. These cupcakes are perfect for creating a stunning dessert table that will impress your guests. No one will consider the use of a dessert table at a function outside the wedding spectrum. While we do admit the cupcake dessert tables can be great and one of a kind, imagine a red and green dessert table that is drop dead gorgeous.

Christmas Dessert Table

Christmas Red Striped Cupcake Wrappers

The only thing I can think of to make this adorable cupcake dessert table from complete would be to use some bright Red Striped Cupcake Wrappers. Or another great inspiring cupcake dessert table from features pastels and snowflake cutout cookies. Their cupcakes need a little covering up if we do say so ourselves? Do you think a pretty Tiffany Blue Glitter Cupcake Wrapper would do the trick? If you’re loving these ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest page for more cupcake ideas!

Pastel Christmas Dessert Table

Emma Aqua Trio Cupcake Wrappers

Emma Pink Trio Cupcake Wrappers