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Top 10 Things We Love About Cupcakes

Week after week we point out how obsessed we are with the wide world of cupcakes. There are plenty of reasons to love cupcakes. And surely we’re not the most obsessed cupcake fans because we haven’t gotten cupcake tattoos… yet. There are more extreme cases of cupcake obsession but we do consider ours slightly serious. These are only a few of the reasons that we’re crazy for cupcakes.

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  1. Portion Control: cupcakes are smaller versions of cake therefore less calorie guilt.
  2. Teach Sharing: Making a batch of cupcakes basically ensures that sharing will happen.
  3. Decorations: Cupcakes have more opportunity for decorations and themes.
  4. Cupcake Wrappers: You can dress up a cupcake with shiny cupcake wrappers.
  5. Unique Flavors: Cupcake shops are more daring with flavors.
  6. Edible Favors: Two words, wedding cupcakes.
  7. Birthday Parties: Your son’s monsters theme party just got more creative
  8. Dessert Buffets: More variety at dessert bars.
  9. Portable: Cupcakes are great for kids’ lunches because they travel well in cupcake boxes.
  10. Frosting Ratio: Cupcakes have the perfect frosting to batter ratio.

If you’re still wondering why cupcakes, we might not be able to help you. These are all pretty solid reasons for why cupcakes are amazing. Cupcakes are great for parties and kids events because they’re small and easy to bring. Have you ever tried driving in the car with a cake in the front seat? More often than not the cake slides on the carrier and your frosting is completely smeared. And nothing ruins the surprise like trying to sneak the cake into the party and frost it in the kitchen while blocking anyone from seeing what you’re doing. Is it obvious we’ve done this before? We know what we’re talking about!

Cupcakes can be carried in a cupcake carrier and then frosted as an activity. If you don’t have time to frost them at home, simply set out different frosting flavors and let guests do their own. With a stack of cupcake wrappers in a variety of colors you can set the tone for a great cupcake decorating party. Don’t forget a fun cupcake stand to make the display a winner! What are your favorite things about cupcakes? Tell us if we missed anything on this list.

Lemon Curd Cupcakes: Fresh and Fun for Summer

Around our offices, we test a lot of cupcake flavors. We’re constantly looking for cupcakes worth of our designer cupcake wrappers. The cupcake has to have a good flavor and the right ‘look’ for our wrappers. We make and bake a lot of different cupcake recipes and we’ll admit sometimes they’re store bought. The frosting has to look perfect in order to be photographed for our photo shoots!

{A yellow cupcake party needs yellow cupcake wrappers, cupcake liners, mini cupcake wrappers and tissue paper pom poms!}

Our latest cupcake recipe that we tasted is the lemon curd cupcake. There are many different ways to decorate a lemon cupcake. These delicious lemon cupcakes that we made we made from a vanilla cupcake recipe with lemon curd inside. Ours weren’t as pretty as we originally intended so we won’t torture you with the photos but we will share with you ways to make and decorate a lemon cupcake!

Lemon Curd

If you bake a vanilla cupcake batter it leaves you wanting some sweet topping or flavor right? Well, with lemon curd your cupcakes have the perfect bite of sweet and tangy. Lemon curd is a custard light dessert made from eggs, sugar, lemon zest and butter. You can whip up the filling in your blender. Once you’ve made the lemon curd and it’s been refrigerated, each cupcake can have a spoonful of lemon curd.

Prep Work

Carve out a small cone in each cupcake. Then place a teaspoon of lemon curd inside each cupcake. Once you have a filled the cupcake with lemon filling if won’t need the top.  Whip up a batch up whipped cream frosting instead of using the lid. Whipped cream and buttercream both go well with lemon curd. Whipped cream is easier than buttercream but buttercream can be flavored with margarita! Lemon curd cupcakes with margarita buttercream frosting would be great for summer.

Cupcake Decorations

After you’ve put together your light and fluffy summer cupcake then you’ll need a cupcake wrapper. Ours might not have been worthy of these yellow cupcakes wrappers but yours will! A few different yellow cupcake wrappers will create a mono-chromatic yellow cupcake display. Complete the summer display with a cupcake stand, tissue paper pom poms and yellow tableware. We recommend a white cupcake stand to stand out from the yellow decorations. What do you think? Are these lemon curd cupcakes taunting you enough to try making them?

Cupcake Fondue Party Ideas

Every now and then, the Dress My Cupcake staff gets together and celebrates a holiday or life occasion. Typically, we each take turns having everyone over as entertaining can get messy and stressful. Well, this time around it’s my turn and if you can keep a secret here’s what I plan to do: Cupcake Fondue! Because we have a few vegan eaters in our office, I plan to make vegan friendly cupcakes. This may sound like a complicated task but it’s pretty simple.

You can create mini cupcakes from scratch or from a box, depending on your time and skill. If you don’t have dietary conditions there’s no need to make your life any more difficult than necessary. My plan is to create a few different cupcake sizes so that people who don’t want to dip or doctor can still enjoy the cupcake fun. Those will be placed on a cupcake stand with their own special cupcake wrappers. Red velvet, chocolate and strawberry are on the menu.

For cupcake fondue ‘frosting’, stick to a simple cupcake fondue recipe. My inspiration is coming from Pint Sized Social. She mixed together orange juice, powdered sugar and corn syrup to create an orange flavored cupcake dip. I want to start with a juice flavored dip then try white chocolate and dark chocolate. If you’re making chocolate fondue, stick to the recipe on the chocolate container. For a juice flavored frosting you don’t need to keep the dip heated. For chocolate, a standard fondue bowl or candle will work. Remember to keep them separate so kids know which ones are hot and dangerous to touch.

Using mini cupcakes is a great way to enjoy a few different cupcakes without a calorie splurge. After you’re done baking the cupcakes remember to take off the cute cupcake liners on the cupcakes you want to dip. With a cupcake stand, set out a pile of cupcakes and complete the display with bowls of toppings. Cupcake toppings can be anything from graham cracker crumbs to edible sprinkles. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorations and cupcake toppings. My favorite: small vanilla yogurt chips. Here’s my shopping list and plan of attack:

Cupcake Recipe Ingredients: Vegan Margarine, Sugar, Flour, Baking Soda, Salt, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Applesauce, Vanilla

Cupcake Fondue Frosting: Powdered Sugar, Corn Syrup, Fruit Juice

Cupcake Supplies: Cupcake Liners, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, A Variety of Sprinkles, Fondue Cooker, Cupcake Wrappers, Edible Sugar, Mini Chocolate Chips, Shredded Coconut, Crushed Cookies, Candy Bar Pieces, Cupcake Stand

Putting together a fun cupcake fondue night is really easy. All you need are basic cupcake supplies and a fondue kit. Your local store will have a fondue kit for probably less than fifty dollars and they come with plenty of sticks. Once you’ve prepped your table, stack a few on a delicious cupcake stand and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget beverages as cupcakes can be very sweet!

Helpful Hints & How To: A Guide to Cupcake Stands

So you’ve baked all night to create the perfect cupcake, and you even have designer cupcake wrappers for each one. Now, how do you create a cupcake display that will wow your guests and give your dessert the attention it deserves? A cupcake stand is the perfect way to showcase your star baked goods with pride. You can find plenty of unique cake and cupcake stands that will match your décor and theme. For a rustic garden inspired wedding, create a DIY cake stand from a wooden stump and a little bit of moss. Or use a tree inspired cupcake stand for a nature themed party. Formal events call for crystals and formal cupcake stands, such as these chandelier-inspired cupcake stands.

{Photo Source: Damask Cupcake Stand from Dress My Cupcake, Chandelier Crystal Cupcake Stand, Teacup Cupcake Stand, Hardware Cupcake Stand, Nature Cupcake Stand, Tree Cupcake Stand}

The key to creating a DIY cake stand is to be creative and daring. Say you have a collection of antique plates that you simply love but never use. With a few teacups or a metal post you can create a multi-tiered cupcake stand for desserts and cupcakes. You’ll take a pile of unused plates and create a one of a kind dessert presentation you can use for every party. A stunning wedding table can be transformed into a unique whimsical dessert buffet with a few extra cupcake stands. Our favorite cake stand trend: antique plates transformed into dessert stands. Candle holders make great posts to super glue between a few plates. Be sure to add a few coats for an extra strong hold, and make sure the plates are food ready. Some antique plates are for display only purposes and will be labeled accordingly.

We’ve seen brides create one of a kind cake stands using found objects. The result is a stunning dessert table that no one can forget. Records, wood saucers, and crystal chandeliers are only some of the trendy ideas we’ve seen. You can create a cupcake stand out of wood, metal and acrylic! To create your own cake stand, all you need are a few round trays, pillars or candle sticks and extra hold super glue. Of course, if adding another DIY project to your list of aspirations seems like an unnecessary headache, you can find plenty of cute cake stands to buy instead. Mix and match formal styles with glitter cupcake wrappers for a show stopping cupcake display.

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Party Ideas

In a few weeks we’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and feeling a little lucky. The holiday is celebrated on March 17th each year and this year we’re throwing a St. Patty’s Day party! With a few green tissue paper pom poms and some shamrock décor we’re pretty excited. The last thing on our list is to decide what type of cupcakes we should make. Bakerella has a pretty good recipe for green velvet cupcakes that might be delicious. Green tea cupcakes are also a green cupcake favorite.

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

{Photo Source:, Green Glitter Cupcake Wrappers from Dress My Cupcake,, Green Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers}

Light green and emerald green cupcake wrappers are perfect for either type of cupcake. These green cupcake wrappers are ideal for creating a fun cupcake stand. For toppings, use a few gold coins or shamrock sprinkles. Pack a cute St Patrick’s day cupcake in a small cupcake dome and explore a St Patrick’s Day Parade!


2012 Dessert Trend: Wedding Cupcake Buffet

We have all seen plenty of cupcake wedding desserts, dessert bars and candy buffets. Well, there’s good news. There’s a new way to design your special occasion dessert station. These cute cupcake buffets combine the best part of cupcakes with the sweetness of dessert bars! Display your cupcakes on elegant cake stands with signs for different flavors. Why should you limit your wedding desserts to just one cake flavor? There’s no need to settle on chocolate or vanilla because you can have whatever style and taste you want! Craving red velvet but your fiancé loves raspberry? Have both! The beauty of a cupcake buffet is that you can have as many flavors as you’d like. Mix and match sweet and salty for a funky wedding dessert stand that your guests will love! Let these beautiful photos inspire a few cupcake decorating ideas.

Wedding cupcake Buffet Dessert{Source: Blue Cupcake Buffet from}

Hostess with the Mostess Cupcake Buffet{Photo Source: Pink Cupcake Buffet from Hostess with the Mostess}

Once you have your flavors, create a mono chromatic table décor with your unique wedding color. Planning a blue wedding? Each flavor cupcake can have a different blue cupcake wrapper to distinguish the difference. Decorating cupcakes is a great activity for kids and cupcakes are the perfect dessert for any occasion! Catering for a baby shower? Decorate each cupcake flavor with its own pink cupcake wrapper for a great way to show off options! If you’re feeling creative, mix and match blue and pink cupcake wrappers for a great baby shower dessert stand!

Cupcake How To: Hostess Cake Pops

Hostess Cupcake

These cupcakes are cute but old fashioned.

There’s a new cupcake in town: the Hostess Cake Pop Ball. Sugar Derby gives a great photo tutorial for how to make and fill a festive chocolate fudge batter with a whipped filling. These are darling with Glitter Cupcake Wrappers for a charming cupcake stand display.  The upside is that, while we’re not experts, you could probably make these healthier than the package alternative.

I think serving these with a nice cup of milk for an after school treat is a great idea to swap an unhealthy packaged treat with a healthier homemade choice. Think about replacing your processed sweet treats with healthier alternatives by baking your own versions. Just be sure to share them with us so we can see your great baking adventures! Don’t forget to follow our “Creative Cupcake Alternatives” on Pinterest for more fun ideas!

Sugar Derby Cupcake Balls


DIY Ideas: A Wedding Cupcake Topping Bar

Dessert bars have been popular at weddings for a while now but there is a new trend among cupcake fans: cupcake topping bars! These fancy little cupcake stands are perfect for a DIY cupcake buffet. These little undecorated cupcakes look sad without icing or toppings! Invite guests to frost their own cupcakes and take them home in a favor box. Here are a few easy tips for creating a cupcake topping bar:

DIY Cupcake Topping Bar

  1. Pretty Dishes: Buy white dishes in bulk so each topping has its own dish
  2. Set an Example: Prepare some simple examples to inspire guests
  3. Easy Cleaning: Prep icing in simple frosting bags so guests don’t have to clean up a mess
  4. Spooning: Be sure to have different spoons for each bowl
  5. Think Healthy: Have a healthy mixture of fruit and sugary snacks
  6. Sweets: Cut up candy bars such as Reese’s PB Cups and Snickers pieces
  7. Chewy Snacks: Gummy worms are great for decorating Oreo and chocolate chip cupcakes
  8. Be Careful: If you want to have nut toppings such as candy almonds, be sure to warn guests who may have nut allergies
  9. Wrap It Up: No one likes a naked cupcake, put it in a cupcake wrapper for flair
  10. A Little Drizzle: Don’t forget syrup and caramel drizzle on top

DIY cupcake topping bar ideas

If these photos from Green Wedding Shoes, featuring Enjoy Cupcakes, don’t get you in the mood for a cupcake topping party then I don’t know what will! They put a swirl of frosting on top of each cupcake so guests could ‘fill’ them up with different toppings. These cupcakes look so delicious I can’t wait to have an occasion to serve them. They look picture perfect for a wedding dessert bar or cupcake display. Don’t forget to find a pretty cupcake stand to put all your cupcakes on. Decorate the top tier with pre-decorated cupcakes for guests to get creative, then put plain cupcakes on the bottom shelves. Don’t forget to offer cupcake domes and treat boxes for guests to take home their sweet treat as a wedding favor!


Planning The Perfect Polka Dot Sweet Sixteen Party!

There really is nothing cuter than a polka dot theme cupcake party! These cupcake wrappers can be paired with any decorations for a fun colorful party theme. Are you planning a get together for a girl’s 16 birthday party? Try using our Fuchsia Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers for a retro cupcake display. Pair these cute wrappers with Fuchsia Tissue Paper Pom Poms. The perfect way to decorate tables with these for a teenage party would be to use a retro cupcake stand and Diamond Decor Confetti. All of these bright decorations would work really well for a bright colored 80’s theme Sweet Sixteen birthday party.

Fuchsia Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers

Fuchsia Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Still not sure how to decorate your Pink Party? Try combining Fuchsia and Turquoise for a fun playful look that can be young and fun or elegant and classy. This color combination can be used for a bridal shower or a birthday party. Decorate with reclaimed vases and mismatched china for an elegant dinner party. Any of our Pink and Fuchsia Cupcake Wrappers would go great with these table settings.

Fuchsia & Turquoise Table Decorations

How To: Creating A Fall Cupcake Display

Willow Large Cupcake Stand

Creating a Fall cupcake party? I have some inspiration for you! How about using our Willow Large Cupcake Stand to accent our Olive Green Cupcake Wrappers? This would be a great look for an October party for pumpkin carving or apple picking. One of my favorite Autumn activities is pumpkin carving. For a unique snack at your parties, take the pumpkin seeds and sprinkle them with salt. Pour small amounts into cupcake liners and then decorate with Orange Cupcake Wrappers. If you’re feeling spicier, shake your seeds in chili pepper for an extra kick. For a salt and sweet twist, top a few sweet Oatmeal Cupcakes with caramel sauce and a couple salted pumpkin seeds.

Oatmeal CupcakesPhoto Courtesy of

Olive Green Cupcake Wrappers

Not a fan of salty pumpkin seeds? Try these Oatmeal Cupcakes with Olive Green Cupcake Wrappers and then adorn your table with a green tablecloth and fun leaf shapes. You can cut leaves out of construction paper or felt and drape them on your table space. Use green and orange leaves to match your wrappers and caramel drizzle. A small little leaf on top of the caramel drizzle would be the perfect way to accent a Willow Cupcake Stand. Hang Green Tissue Paper Pom Poms from the ceiling or trees to continue the green decorations.