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How to Make Chocolate Cupcake Toppers

Take your cupcakes to the next level by adding an extra something special. Other cupcakes won’t have the same cupcake toppers yours do when you make your own chocolate cupcake toppers. These cupcake toppers are surprisingly easy to make yourself. Sure you decorate your cupcakes with paper cupcake toppers, edible sugar or special frosting, but why not make an edible topping instead?

{Cupcake Toppers Galore: Personalize Your Own!}

These cupcake toppers can be made into almost any shape you want. Try creating initials or numbers for birthday cupcakes. For a garden party, flowers are the perfect cupcake topper. There are so many different options, play around with your chocolate bag to personalize your cupcake.

Start by tempering your chocolate. For the real instructions and recipe, view the original recipe from Modern Mommy. She explains how to temper the chocolate without burning it. It’s important to cook the chocolate carefully or else you’ll have to toss the batch and start over. If you don’t temper your chocolate you risk losing the ‘snap’ that harden chocolate gives.

Fill a piping bag with the melted chocolate. The key is to pipe the chocolate before it cools. Snip the corner of the bag and pipe onto an aluminum foil cutting board. Make sure you have room in the fridge to set the chocolates and let them cool. Once they’ve hardened you can use them to decorate your favorite cupcake scenes! A few hearts might be the perfect accent for a Valentine’s Day or anniversary cupcake display. Combined with edible glitter and cupcake wrappers, these cupcakes are perfect for any special occasion.

You can easily create your own cupcake display for your wedding too! Why hire the expensive baker when you can make cupcakes, decorate with chocolate hearts and glitter cupcake wrappers and you’re good to go! This would be a fun activity to share with your bridal party a couple days before. Bake your cupcakes and pop open a bottle of bubbly instead of a loud bachelorette night out. Spend the night watching romantic comedies and decorating cupcakes with your bridal party girls. Would you consider making these cupcake toppers yourself for your wedding or would you rather hire a professional to do the work for you? Tell us, we love hearing what our friends and fans think about all the latest cupcake trends!

Something Sweet: Top 10 Ways to Decorate a Cupcake

Let’s face it, creativity and baking go hand in hand. When it comes to making an over the top cupcakes for a bake sale, creativity is what makes better profits.  Over the top cupcake decorations will make your home baked treats blow all the other moms out of the water. Whether you’re baking for a birthday party or a fun summer picnic, there are plenty of unique ways to decorate a cupcake that will make your sweet treats stand out. But never fear, we’re up to our ears with ideas for decorating cupcakes. Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate a cupcake:

  1. Cupcake Toppers: These little labels are great for a cheeky phrase.
  2. Decorating Sugars: The large crystal sugars come in a variety of colors.
  3. Edible Baking Nonpareils: Available in multiple colors, these decorative balls are crunchy and sweet.
  4. Frosting Piping: Create flowers and swirls with decorative piping tips.
  5. Cupcake Wrappers: Not sure how to decorate? Slip into a decorative cupcake wrapper for an easy cupcake outfit.
  6. Fondant Topping: These pre-made discs can feature any theme.
  7. Sprinkles: Feeling lazy? Go crazy with multi-colored sprinkles for a quick fix.
  8. Candy: Any colorful candy can make a birthday party snack.
  9. Fresh Fruit: For a healthy cupcake, fresh strawberries and blueberries add color.
  10. Edible Glitter: Nothing says bling and sparkle like glitter!

{Photo Source:, Fiskars, Maya Red Mini Cupcake Wrappers from Dress My Cupcake, TwoSugarBabies, Cupcake Toppers from Dress My Cupcake}

Speaking of glitter, nothing matches our glitter cupcake wrappers better than edible glitter! But if we’re being honest, cupcake toppers are by far our favorite ways to decorate a cupcake. Each sign has a sweet little message to surprise the eater. Whether you’re putting together cupcakes for birthday parties or a wedding occasion; pair cupcake toppers with cupcake wrappers for an easy cute look.


Cupcake Ideas: How To Decorate A Vintage Dessert Buffet

Old is new again. Everything vintage has become shabby and chic. Vintage weddings are very popular right now with style conscious brides. From the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception, everything has to be vintage and elegant. As you guessed, the dessert table is no exception. Creating a vintage cupcake buffet is easy with vintage antique cake stands, designer cupcake wrappers and a palette of pastels. Match a lace table cloth with yellow and pink cupcake wrappers to have a romantic feminine dessert display.

Photo Source: Hostess With The Mostess, The Sweetest Occasion, Cupcake & Cake Stands from Dress My Cupcake, Betty Crocker Recipes,}

Imagine a beautiful table lined with a white palette and decorated with soft yellow cupcake wrappers. Each cupcake can have its own unique cupcake topper for a classic dessert decoration. Vintage decorations incorporate lace, pearls and white together for a simple shabby but chic theme. These beautiful white jeweled cake stands would create the perfect presentation for a vintage table with an elegant theme. These white cake stands topped with white cupcake wrappers can create a stunning cupcake display but might be too plain for some brides. If that’s the case, mix it up with tan cupcake wrappers and a burlap tablecloth.

If you’re having an indoor wedding reception and your dessert table has a backdrop, decorate with strands of pearls and tissue paper pom poms. A beautiful “sweet treats” banner hung on the backdrop or on the edge of the table will let guests know they’re welcome to indulge. And don’t forget these beautiful heart shaped favor boxes for party favors. Any favor box lined with a doily can have a vintage feel.

2012 Wedding Trends: Cupcake Toppers

A few days ago we showcased our brand new custom cupcake toppers paired with our glitter cupcake wrappers. Cupcake toppers are all the rage for dessert bars and cupcake buffets. These cute cupcake accessories are the easiest way to display a special message or dress up your cupcakes with an accent color. If you’re decorating cupcakes with glitter cupcake wrappers use these cupcake toppers to create a little bit of flair and fun.

Cupcake Toppers from Dress My Cupcake {Photo Source: Icing Designs, Paper and Pigtails, Koyal Wholesale Nicole Hill, Custom Cupcake Toppers from Dress My Cupcake, Milla Love}

Cupcake toppers can be used for weddings, birthday parties and bridal showers. These playful cupcake toppings are so cute and you can create your own message with the click if a “print” button. Our custom cupcake toppers are the perfect accent for your wedding cupcake buffet or dessert bar and pair perfectly with cupcake wrappers. What are you favorites? We’re really fond of the mustache cupcake toppers and mini pom pom cupcake toppers.

Custom Cupcake Toppers For Your Special Day!

You may have noticed a new hot trend in cupcakes lately: cupcake toppers!

We happily carry a brand new line of custom cupcake toppers that we’re so exciting to share with you. These cupcake toppers are the perfect way to decorate a cupcake with your own personal message. Whether you’re planning a cupcake buffet for a wedding or just a friendly Valentine’s Day dessert, these cupcake wrappers are a simple way to add a touch of personality to your dessert. Our favorite way to use these custom cupcake toppers is to create your special proposal with these sweet treats. Spell out “Will you Marry Me” or “She Said Yes” for a great photo worth surprise proposal. Then you can incorporate these glitter cupcake wrappers and custom cupcake toppers into your wedding reception by featuring a cupcake tower! You’ll be able to incorporate your engagement and share with your guests the story about how your prince charming popped the question with a sweet cupcake treat. “Mr” and “Mrs” cupcake toppers would be terribly cute as contemporary cake toppers!

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