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Planning Your Dessert Table – Part II

Happy Friday everyone! We’re back with our picks for dessert table “basics” – those decor pieces that will carry you through any dessert table scenario.  Our last post covered a few dessert table building blocks such as apothecary jars and vases, cutlery, and cupcake stands and towers.  Today, we explore a few more options to help you create your dream dessert table – let’s get started!

1.  Cupcake Boxes and Bags – With an endless spread of cupcakes and other treats, it’s highly likely guests will be clamoring to take some of the goodies home.  However, brown paper bags or even plastic bags will just not do the trick.  Elegantly displayed cupcakes deserve to be sent home in style!  Consider using cupcake domes, cupcake bags, or cupcake boxes.  Guests will be delighted to be taking home a piece of the dessert table.

2. Crystal Decor –  While you may feel that delicious desserts are enough for your display, if you plan on using your homemade desserts, you just may not be able to create a full dessert bar (but more power to you if you can!).  That’s when a little extra table decor help comes in handy.  Crystal decor such as magnetic hanging crystals, diamond rhinestone ribbon wrap, and diamond confetti decor, fill space on your dessert table while also providing a decorative touch.

3.  Washi Tape – a current DIY favorite, washi tape is versatile and oh-so-cute!  It’s perfect for dessert tables as it can be used in practically any capacity. Mix and match colors and patterns for a whimsical look.  Apply it to wooden cutlery, favor boxes, cupcake domes, apothecary jars, and more – the possibilities are truly endless!

We hope we’ve inspired you a bit in getting started and creative with your dessert table. Remember that when you have the basics, you can build and create from there. Only your imagination is the limit!



Planning Your Dessert Table

When planning your dessert table, there are a multitude of options to choose amongst.  From theme, size, location, color scheme, and of course which desserts to feature, the possibilities for a captivating dessert table are truly endless.  Though it is all about creativity, you need to start with a few dessert table “basics” – those pieces that will carry you through any dessert table scenario.  Whether a whimsical Alice in Wonderland theme or a dessert table paying homage to your favorite sports team, take a look at a few basic favorites below.

1.  Apothecary Jars and Vases – if macaroons, cookies, or even candy (gum balls, anyone?) feature on your dessert table, then you’ll need to showcase these treats in an appetizing yet fanciful manner.  An assortment of shapes and sizes of apothecary jars keeps your cookies and macaroons looking organized and presentable.  Instead of laying them out on a tray on the table, these jars are efficient (easy for your party guests to grab a quick cookie) and also save valuable space on your dessert table (which can be used for a masterful cake or scrumptious pie). Best of all, apothecary jars and vases are so versatile and thus easy to find a use in your home after all the guests have gone!

2.  Cutlery –  save the fine silverware for the dinner table.  When it’s time for dessert, it’s time to indulge the kid in you.  Bring out the mustache spoonsmustache forks, and polka dot knives.   For weddings, we love cutlery with words.  Whatever you choose, just remember that even small details like cutlery can have a big impact.

3.  Cupcake Stands – if you’re planning to feature cupcakes on your dessert table, then it’s likely that they’ll take up significant space on the table.  When space is limited and the cupcakes are unlimited, it’s best to go with a tiered cupcake stand. Or try a whimsical approach with a flower stand or spiral stand.  For smaller dessert tables, mini wooden cupcake stands beautifully showcase a single cupcake – a piece of art to be admired.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more of our favorite dessert table basics.  Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

Helpful Hints & How To: A Guide to Cupcake Stands

So you’ve baked all night to create the perfect cupcake, and you even have designer cupcake wrappers for each one. Now, how do you create a cupcake display that will wow your guests and give your dessert the attention it deserves? A cupcake stand is the perfect way to showcase your star baked goods with pride. You can find plenty of unique cake and cupcake stands that will match your décor and theme. For a rustic garden inspired wedding, create a DIY cake stand from a wooden stump and a little bit of moss. Or use a tree inspired cupcake stand for a nature themed party. Formal events call for crystals and formal cupcake stands, such as these chandelier-inspired cupcake stands.

{Photo Source: Damask Cupcake Stand from Dress My Cupcake, Chandelier Crystal Cupcake Stand, Teacup Cupcake Stand, Hardware Cupcake Stand, Nature Cupcake Stand, Tree Cupcake Stand}

The key to creating a DIY cake stand is to be creative and daring. Say you have a collection of antique plates that you simply love but never use. With a few teacups or a metal post you can create a multi-tiered cupcake stand for desserts and cupcakes. You’ll take a pile of unused plates and create a one of a kind dessert presentation you can use for every party. A stunning wedding table can be transformed into a unique whimsical dessert buffet with a few extra cupcake stands. Our favorite cake stand trend: antique plates transformed into dessert stands. Candle holders make great posts to super glue between a few plates. Be sure to add a few coats for an extra strong hold, and make sure the plates are food ready. Some antique plates are for display only purposes and will be labeled accordingly.

We’ve seen brides create one of a kind cake stands using found objects. The result is a stunning dessert table that no one can forget. Records, wood saucers, and crystal chandeliers are only some of the trendy ideas we’ve seen. You can create a cupcake stand out of wood, metal and acrylic! To create your own cake stand, all you need are a few round trays, pillars or candle sticks and extra hold super glue. Of course, if adding another DIY project to your list of aspirations seems like an unnecessary headache, you can find plenty of cute cake stands to buy instead. Mix and match formal styles with glitter cupcake wrappers for a show stopping cupcake display.

Holiday Cupcakes Santa Claus Would Gobble Up!

If you look up green and red cupcakes on your trendy addictive Pinterest account, you’re going to find a great variety of holiday cupcake ideas. Combine the delicious cupcake recipes with any of our new festive Christmas cupcake wrappers and you have a winning combination. These cupcakes are perfect for creating a stunning dessert table that will impress your guests. No one will consider the use of a dessert table at a function outside the wedding spectrum. While we do admit the cupcake dessert tables can be great and one of a kind, imagine a red and green dessert table that is drop dead gorgeous.

Christmas Dessert Table

Christmas Red Striped Cupcake Wrappers

The only thing I can think of to make this adorable cupcake dessert table from complete would be to use some bright Red Striped Cupcake Wrappers. Or another great inspiring cupcake dessert table from features pastels and snowflake cutout cookies. Their cupcakes need a little covering up if we do say so ourselves? Do you think a pretty Tiffany Blue Glitter Cupcake Wrapper would do the trick? If you’re loving these ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest page for more cupcake ideas!

Pastel Christmas Dessert Table

Emma Aqua Trio Cupcake Wrappers

Emma Pink Trio Cupcake Wrappers

New Cupcake Wrappers Debut at Cerritos Cupcake Camp 2011!

This past weekend we attended the Cerritos Cupcake Camp 2011. It was a fun show of amateur and professional cupcake bakers. We had a lot of fun viewing the cupcakes in all their decorated glory. All proceeds from the 1st annual cupcake camp will go to local charities. Naturally, we reached out and offered any bakers the opportunity to showcase their delicious cupcake treats in our glitter cupcake wrappers. In fact, a lot of the bakers and presenters loved using and decorating our cupcake stands for their cupcake displays! We had a great time meeting some talented bakers and wanted to show you the photos of their creations!

Red Glitter Cupcake Wrappers from Dress My Cupcake

Don’t these Red Glitter Cupcake Wrappers really showcase these German Chocolate Chip Cupcakes perfectly?

Red Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers from Dress My Cupcake

Red Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers really accent the perfect swirl of yummy frosting, don’t you think?

Dress My Cupcake Cupcake Stands

This was just one of the many creative cupcake stands that we had the pleasure of providing! Check out the personalized green ribbon touch. Stay tuned for more event photos soon! If you are planning a special fundraiser or school event that you think would be perfect with our cupcake wrappers and special cupcake stands, please contact us for more ideas on how to decorate and order!