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Birthday Party Ideas: The Best Cartoon Inspired Cupcakes

Planning a birthday party requires plenty of thought and planning. There are inspirations to be found everywhere; school, sports, television and comics. You can create cupcakes to mirror any of your favorite cartoon characters, television stars and even, books. It’s so surprise that popular birthday party desserts are featuring characters from television and movies. A few of our favorite cupcake ideas are:

{Photo Source: Robot Cupcake Wrappers from Dress My Cupcake, Hello Kitty Cupcakes, Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers, Garfield Cake Pops from Bakerella, Sesame Street Cupcakes}

  1. Hello Kitty Cupcakes: the perfect cupcake theme for a girl birthday party! Pair with pink cupcake wrappers for a truly girly cupcake treat.
  2. Spongebob Cupcakes: young and playful for an “under the sea” theme.
  3. Garfield and Odie: the classic duo is great for a birthday party for twins.
  4. Dora the Explorer Cupcakes: inspire your little girl with an educational Dora party!
  5. Sesame Street Treats: Each cupcake can feature Elmo, letters and numbers to help make learning fun. An Elmo cupcake definitely calls for a red cupcake wrapper.
  6. Transformer Cupcakes: These are the ultimate boy cupcake for a birthday party. Especially with a robot head cupcake wrapper.
  7. Super Hero Cupcakes: Unleash your own baking super powers with a super hero theme! Be sure to check out our fun Super Hero Cupcake Wrappers for a real show stopper.
  8. Pokemon Cupcakes:   Each cupcake can feature a different Pokemon character.
  9. Mickey Mouse Cupcakes: These timeless cartoon characters are fun for boys and girls.
  10. Thomas the Tank Engine: this little engine that could is great for birthday parties and school themes.

These are only some of the best cartoon inspired cupcake ideas. Use fondant and frosting piping to create your own favorite character cupcakes. Any of these fun cupcakes would be great with a bright colorful cupcake wrapper. Cartoon cupcakes are great for birthday parties and bake sales, especially if you enlist the help of your special helper. Let your child draw out the pattern and help to decorate the cupcake and they’ll feel more involved. Baking in the kitchen is a great way to teach math skills for how to measure ingredients and mixing. Cartoon characters are the perfect way to intrigue them into a fun educational activity. Plus, any activity ending with cupcakes is A+ in our book!

Hello Kitty Cake and Cupcakes

Over the weekend my friend threw a little birthday party for her adorable daughter Oarora, and she specifically requested a red velvet Hello Kitty Cake with cream cheese frosting. And of course I couldn’t say no. I contemplated for a while how I would make this cake. Hello Kitty cake pan or no cake pan? I finally decided to just challenge myself and make it on my own! I ended up making a purple velvet cake for her, I thought it would be a cute for a girl’s birthday party. However, next time I want to try making it hot pink. Here’s how I did it:

  • I separated the batter into two 8″ round cake pans.
  • As they were baking in the oven I printed out a picture of Hello Kitty’s head, which I enlarged to about 6″ and cut out.
  • After the cake rounds were completely cooled, I flipped the cake over and placed the head cut out on top. Using the bottom of the cake as the top will give you a flat surface to work on. I used a little bit of the frosting to prevent the paper from moving.
  • Once the paper was secure I used a paring knife to cut along the edges of the Hello Kitty head.
  • I left the second cake round intact to use as the bottom tier.
  • Frosting these tiers was a little difficult. If I could go back I would of just used white fondant to cover the cake, or buttercream.
  • The cream cheese frosting didn’t smooth out as nicely as I would’ve liked it to. The more I tried to smooth it out, the more it would reveal the actual cake.
  • I used fondant to make her bow, eyes, nose, and whiskers, and used Hello Kitty rings to decorate the bottom tier.

I am proud to say that Oarora loved her cake!

If there were going to be more people at the party, I would make a batch of mini Hello Kitty cupcakes to go around the cake.

I think the Hollywood Pink Mini Wrapper would look fabulous around the Hello Kitty Cake. How would you make your Hello Kitty cake?

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

If you haven’t already heard, Hello Kitty is coming to Yogurtland! Sanrio and Yogurtland are joining forces, and by next month you’ll be able to enjoy your delicious frozen yogurt with the most popular kitty in the world. So, in honor of this union I found the cutest Hello Kitty cupcakes out there! Frozen yogurt and a cupcake? Genius! It sounds perfect for a summer day. Here are a couple of Hello Kitty cupcakes that I found. I would love to try making a batch myself. I hope these pictures get your creative juices flowing as well! 

Pretty in Pink Hello Kitty Cupcakes Photo courtesy of

Adorable Hello Kitty Cupcakes Photo Courtesy of

These amazing Hello Kitty cupcakes would look fabulous dressed up in a Dress My Cupcake cupcake wrapper!


These cupcakes would look adorable dressed up in either of these colors! The Emma Rose Pink Cupcake Wrapper matches perfectly to the Hello Kitty pink theme. Or you can dress them up in an Emma Red Cupcake Wrapper to match Hello Kitty’s infamous red bow!