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Pretty & Pastel: Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

Give us a box of tissues, a program and a fork and we’re all set for a wedding. The ceremony makes us cry, the program helps us stay on task and the fork, well the fork is for the amazing wedding desserts that a wedding reception has to offer. It’s arguably the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free. After all, it has to be bad luck to say no to a piece of wedding cake! If not, we’ll certainly say it is and dig right in. Which leads us to our favorite wedding desserts around; a list that grows longer with each wedding we attend.

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Wedding cake is a time honored tradition. The tiers and decorations take hours of preparation and come together to create a true work of edible art. It’s almost a shame to cut it up and eat it—almost. In lieu of wedding cake, some brides are opting out of the multi-tiered dessert for cupcakes, dessert bars, cupcake buffets and other alternatives. The smaller desserts offer the option to serve more flavors and variety. Wedding cupcakes can be dressed up with cupcake wrappers, frosting decorations and cupcake toppers for a beautiful look that rivals the wedding cake dessert for best in class.

Create a combination of wedding cake and cupcakes by building a cake stand that has both cake and cupcake tiers. A dessert table can accomplish the same variety of looks. So far on our list of favorite wedding desserts: mixing different cupcakes, macaroons, candy and pies to create a dessert table to please everyone’s sweet tooth. Some cultures even have the mothers and aunts in the family prepare the desserts as a good omen for a healthy kitchen and plentiful home. The tradition dates back to Europe as a symbol of the woman’s role in the kitchen and the beautiful desserts to be made. A wise mother once told me, “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and what better place to spoil your man rotten than with a plethora of desserts at your wedding! Wedding desserts are the cherry on top of a beautiful wedding day so don’t be afraid to go over the top with lots of sweet concoctions!

Creative Cupcake Alternatives: Mighty Macaroons

While it may not make any sense to us personally, not everyone likes cupcakes. After all, cupcakes have cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers and cupcake decorations. They’re the girly snack of the dessert world. This shocking news crushed a few of our employees and sent a few into violent rage, okay well we’re just joking about the rage. But we understand that not everyone can fall deeply in love with cupcakes like we have.   However, we’re willing to consider the possibility that there are other treats that are just as delicious. To ease ourselves into the challenge we started with a small dessert: macarons.

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Also called macaroons, the two names do not mean the same thing. Traditional French bakers only refer to the sweet as macarons, derived from the Italian word “maccarone”. The sweet confection is made with whipped egg whites, sugar and almond powder. They can be prepared in a variety of flavors and filled with jams and creams. The shape of the treat is the most familiar: a smooth domed top and bottom with a complementary filling sandwiched in between.

We tried a few different flavors and were pleasantly surprised. The bite size dessert is a great way to bring new flavors to a dessert table. Pastel macaroons are incredibly popular and we can’t help but imagine a pastel dessert table with cupcakes, candies and macaroons. Especially with a few special cupcake wrappers, these would make a great dessert for spring.

Next on our list? We may be open to other trendy dessert ideas but cupcakes are still by far our favorite. Even macaroons would look good in a cute cupcake box and tied with a bow for a party favor. A cupcake favor box layered with brightly colored macaroons would be a nice surprise for a birthday party or hostess gift.