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Finals Week: How to Create Nerd & Geek Cupcakes

Finals are almost here and finding the motivation to finish off the semester, whew it’s going to be tough. Who has the drive and willpower to stay awake to crank out that thirty page paper on biology? When it seems like you’ve lost your strength to continue, why not put together a fun motivating study group! Through together some chemically structure cupcakes—c’mon, they’re really just cupcakes—and invite your study partners over for an end of semester cram session. These geeky cupcakes will help you power through the late night finals and motivate you to ace that last exam.

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If you’re looking for cupcake flavors, why not embrace your inner nerd with some Nerd flavored cupcakes? These colorful cupcakes will help you cheer up and get you back on track for finals. You’ve made it this far, only a few more months to go! Show off your baking skills in the kitchen with these nerd inspired cupcake wrappers. The ultimate geek cupcake wrappers will create a fun playful cupcake display for your guests. You can even use frosting to help study chemical compounds and equations: pen different components on to cupcakes and use different combinations to create great conversation starters! Talk about cute cupcakes; all your friends will chuckle about what potentially dangerous chemical compounds you make with different cupcake pairings. Plus, during your final exams you’ll have a great way to jog your memory. Who needs acronyms when you have cupcake study tips!

School Cupcakes Help Make Learning Fun!

Limited school budgets are tasking on teachers and educators looking to help inspire students in the classroom. This spring parents are joining together to host bake sales for school classroom funds to help teachers buy school supplies. Why not host your own school bake sale by creating school themed cupcakes and other baked goods? These playful school themed cupcakes are a great way to involve kids with a meaningful activity.

School Themed Cupcake Wrappers

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Help out your local school district by donating school supplies, hosting a bake sale and other fundraising activities. Car washes and bake sales are time honored traditions in some communities and provide funds for teachers to buy much needed supplies. Instilling the value of hard work and fundraising into children is a great way to involve them in their education. Help kids learn how to count money and other important education lessons by challenging them to trivia problems along the way. While decorating cupcakes and measuring cupcake ingredients, teach kids basic addition and fractions. And when they receive cash in return for their baked goods, help them count the money. Cupcakes are good for more than just snacking if you use them as an educational tool for fundraisers and lessons! Don’t forget to add a festive cupcake wrapper for a decorative flair!


Back to School: Cupcake Ideas for 2011 School Year!

So kids are starting to go back to school this week and I’m brainstorming ways to make it fun and enjoyable. I’ve come up with a game plan. When you’re packing your kids lunch, stick in a special mini cupcake in a mini cupcake wrapper. They fit safely inside our cupcake boxes for safe traveling. I know you’re thinking mini cupcakes might be overdone… But not when they look like these awesome studious ideas, especially when you decorate them with our brand new selection of Mini Gingham Cupcake Wrappers!

Decorate these mini chocolate chip cupcakes with squiggles of pink icing to create a brain.  Perfect for your little guy!Brain Cupcakes for Back to SchoolPhoto courtesy of

These A+ cupcakes are perfect for inspiring your young scholar. Decorate with Yellow Gingham Wrappers!
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How about sending your kid off to school with a little gift for their teacher? These apple cupcakes fulfill the good ol’ give your teacher an apple quota while still being sweet and adorable. These would look great in Glitter Cupcake Wrappers too.

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Back to School DIY: Homemade Hostess Cupcakes!

Faux Hostess Cupcake

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So we were brainstorming school-theme cupcake ideas for fall and Hostess Cupcakes came across our minds like a giant neon sign. I Googled Hostest Cupcake to find this juicy quote:

You get a big delight in every bite.” Florida resident Suzanne Rutland clearly agrees. She’s reportedly eaten more than 50,000 Hostess CupCakes, as many as four per day since her early childhood when she founded a Hostess CupCake Club. “Creamy” was the secret password.” (Quote from

Well, aside from the obsessive fan, this quote is so true because you certainly do get a delight in every bite. Although personally I feel this is true with cupcakes in general. So, why spend the money on packaging when you can make the cupcakes yourself! I found this simple recipe for Faux Hostess Cupcakes online at These cupcakes are the perfect chocolate cupcake for our new mini cupcake wrappers! If each cupcake has a brightly colored cupcake wrapper they look fun and playful. Or keep it simple with some Espresso Cupcake Wrappers. These would be perfect for an afternoon bridal shower or outdoor picnic. If you’re baking them for your kids to take back to school with them this fall try putting them in a Cupcake Dome for safe traveling. You’ll be the talk of the town and all the kids will want to hang out at your house for homemade Hostess cupcakes!

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