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Celebrate National S’mores Day with S’more Cupcakes!

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Did you know today is an important holiday? It’s National S’mores Day 2011! We love s’mores! Well, to be honest, we love anything with chocolate so s’mores are just another excuse to indulge. It is fitting that National S’mores Day is in August for two reasons: the best month to go camping and right before school is back in session. This holiday is dedicated to enjoying the sticky, messy deliciousness that is a melding of chocolate and marshmallow squished between crunchy graham cracker goodness. Did you know that the term s’mores first originated in the U.S. Girl Scouts handbook in 1927?  Here are some of our favorite S’mores photos!

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If you’re looking to celebrate tonight, try these ideas for creating a great “Make Your Own S’mores Bar”.  We have a bride here at work who is using these idea for her wedding reception instead of a dessert bar. What do you think? Create a fun display with S’more ingredients and bake some S’mores cupcakes to give guests a sweet treat to take with them.

Polka Dot Cupcake Wrapper for S'mores CupcakesPolka Dot Cupcake Wrappers are hip and playful.

Gold Cupcake Wrappers for S'mores CupcakesGold Cupcake Wrappers would accent a toasted Marshmallow Frosting

Cupcake Domes are Perfect for Wedding FavorsCupcake Domes are perfect for a take home treat.


Summer 2011 Cupcakes: S’more Cupcakes Please!

I’m a big fan of campfires and summer trips to the beach to roast marshmallows. Any excuse for chocolate, really. But summer is half over and things aren’t getting done. So I found this recipe [and photo] on and it has found its way to the top of my weekend to-do list without the road trip. How cute would these lovely little mini cupcakes be in glitter cupcake wrappers? Or mix and match summer bright cupcake wrappers for an end of the summer party!

I may be pushing it but going for a gourmet look might be fun. How about these crocodile printed cupcake wrappers? The brown in the chocolate and toasted marshmallow color would accent them so beautifully!

Mmmm… how about s’more cupcakes! Eh? Too cheesy?